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Super Flow Mufflers


Chrome Depot now has an exhaust baffle system for the semi-truck, bus, and heavy duty vehicle industry.

This system not only significantly reduces noise levels, increase horse-power and torque, BUT also improves fuel economy by 3%-8% (depending on driver, geographic area, and all the other variables concerned with obtaining better fuel economy).

Main Improvements:

  1. dB levels are within 1-2 dB’s of stock OEM mufflers (80-82 dB’s)
  2. Horsepower and torque increases, but vary for different models.
  3. Pyrometer temperatures have dropped 50-100°. COOLER TEMPERATURES MEANS BETTER MILEAGE.
  4. Turbo chargers spool up quicker. Quicker spooling also means better EFFICIENCY.
  5. STRAIGHT STACK LOOK…without the noise or the tickets! The Superflow Baffles fit “INSIDE” the stacks.
  6. Mileage up 3%-8% on average.
  7. ALL Steel construction, 14 gauge Aluminized.
  8. LESS RESTRICTION means everything runs better.
  9. Idles better.

Your test results may vary according to conditions, engine set-ups, geographical area, etc. Many state patrol agencies across the USA are familiar with the Superflow Baffles, and how they control dB levels. Jake Brake levels remain the same or slightly higher though. 6.0″ Superflow Baffles have a general dB level of 81. These tests for dB levels were done with a loaded trailer, and the tractor was an N14 Cummins. The Superflow Baffles BOLT in so there is NO Rattling.

SuperFlow Baffle muffler inserts are designed for dual exhaust system. Only in certain applications with small displacement engines may the SF be used in a single exhaust set-up.

Please call us for guidelines. SF Baffle inserts are also designed for electronic motors, but we have used them with mechanical engines and they have provided good noise reduction.

SF Baffles do provide some performance enhancements over factory exhaust systems, but what we feel they do best is allow our customers to install straight pipes and have a muffler system that keeps them out of trouble.

Our customers get to enjoy their BIG pipes without the noise. SF Baffles are not designed to replace Federally mandated catalytic convertors, DPF systems, or any other pollution control devices. Removing these emission systems is not recommended.

Available in 5.0″ X 45.0″, 6.0″ X 45.0″, 7.0″ X 45.0″, NEW 8.0″ X 45.0″

For questions and pricing call 1-800-496-6303